E-Learn 2008 Recap

Ok, I am back from a very successful E-Learn 2008 Conference in Las Vegas. I actually got home a few days ago, but it has taken a little while to catch my breath. We set attendance records with  … Read more

Got Twitter?

Got Twitter? I don’t mean only in “do you have a twitter account?”. That’s the easy part. I’m referring to whether you’ve wrapped your mind around what twitter is and why it’s getting so much attention. Twitter is  … Read more

A Great Asia-Day at E-Learn

If you see any of the following at the conference this week, feel free to ask them about the E-Learning Asia-Day Symposium.  

Getting ready for E-Learn

E-Learn 2008 is shaping up to a great learning experience for conference attendees and presenters. A quick look through the conference program reveals a good blend of theory, practice, research, and technology. Congrats to organizers! One of the  … Read more

Interview with Dr. Ellen Wagner, E-Learn 2008 Keynote Speaker

An Interview with Dr. Ellen Wagner, Principal Analyst, Sonoma Partners LLP, USA, Keynote at the E-Learn Conference in Las Vegas, November, 2008 Information on her keynote: http://www.aace.org/conf/elearn/speakers/wagner2.htm and http://www.aace.org/conf/elearn/speakers/ Biographical Information: Ellen Wagner is an independent learning industry  … Read more

Experiments in YouTube Learning

For my talk on Tuesday, 2:45 PM (Learning from and Teaching on YouTube), I’ll be reflecting on some of the lessons my students and I have learned while challenging the architectural, entertainment, and corporate imperatives of YouTube by  … Read more